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Austria AGES database (Verzeichnis der in Österreich zugelassenen Pflanzenschutzmittel - English version available)
Belarus List of registered products (Main State Inspectorate for Seed Production, Quarantine and Plant Protection - in Russian)
Belgium Fyto web (official information on plant protection products registered in Belgium)
Bulgaria List of authorized plant protection products (in Bulgarian, look for Списък на разрешените за предлагане на пазара и употреба продукти за растителна защита and click on the different types of products) - Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety
Croatia Database on registered plant protection products (2013-01-31) - Ministry of Agriculture
Cyprus List of authorized pesticides (Ministry of Agriculture)
Czech Republic List of registered products (UKZUZ - Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, in Czech)
Denmark Database on plant protection products (Godkendte pesticider i Danmark ("positivlisten") - LandbrugsInfo)
Egypt Active ingredients information (Central Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory)
Estonia Register of plant protection products (Agricultural Board, Ministry of Agriculture)
European Union EU Pesticides database (actives substances and pesticide MRLs)
Finland Plant Protection Product Register - database (Tukes - Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency)
Catalogue 2009 of Plant Protection Products - text file (Evira)
France e-PHY (ANSES)
AGRITOX (maintained by ANSES - physical and chemical properties, toxicology and ecotoxicology of active substances registered in France)
UIPP (French Crop Protection Association - datasheets on safety aspects of commercial products)
Georgia List of pesticides registered in Georgia (Ministry of Agriculture, LEPL National Food Agency)
Germany BLV database (in German - Standardsuche - Schrittweise Suche)
Greece List of authorized plant protection products (Ministry of rural development and food)
Hungary Online database on registered plant protection products (Nébih, in Hungarian)
Lists of plant protection products authorized in Hungary (Excel files since 2006, Nébih)
IOBC IOBC Pesticide Side Effect Database (The database on the side effects of plant protection products on beneficial arthropods has been prepared jointly by the IOBC-WPRS Working Group on "Pesticides and Beneficial Organisms" and the Commission "Guidelines for Integrated Production" to assist organizations and growers in the choice of pesticides. The database is restricted to IOBC-WPRS members).
Ireland Product database (Department of Agriculture and Food - Government of Ireland)
Israel Pesticides data bank - List of PPPs registered for use and sale in Israel (2015) (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, PPIS)
Italy Banca Dati Fitofarmaci (Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali - click on the top left hand-side blue header 'Fitofarmaci e Sostanze attive')
Banca Dati dei prodotti fitosanitari (Ministero della Salute)
Latvia List of registered products (State Plant Protection Service, two Word documents, click on 'Latvijas Republikā reģistrētie ķīmiskie augu aizsardzības līdzekļi')
Lithuania Information on plant protection products (Ministry of Agriculture - in Lithuanian)
Luxemburg ASTA - Produits phytopharmaceutiques (list of registered plant protection products)
Moldova List of registered products (Ministry of Agriculture - in Romanian)
Malta List of Authorised Plant Protection Products (Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority)
Morocco List of registered products (Index Phytosanitaire - Office National de Securité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires)
Netherlands Pesticides database (CTGB - Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides)
Norway Database on registered plant protection products (Mattilsynet)
Poland List of registered plant protection products (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)
Portugal Produtos fitofarmacêuticos - click on the Portuguese flag at the bottom of the page (Direcção-Geral de de Alimentação e Veterinária)
Romania Registered products in Romania (Lista produselor de protectie a plantelor omologate - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)
Russia Registered Pesticides and Agrochemicals (Ministry of Agriculture - in Russian)
Serbia List of registered products (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management - Plant Protection Directorate)
Slovakia Online Database on Plant Protection Products (UKSUP - Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture, Bratislava)
Slovenia List of authorized plant protection products (Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment)
Spain Registro de Productos Fitosanitarios (Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentacion)
Sweden Pesticide Register (KEMI, Swedish Chemicals Agency, in Swedish)
Switzerland Index des produits phytosanitaires (Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture)
Tunisie Liste des produits phytosanitaires homologués (Annuaire Flehetna - in French)
Turkey Database of registered products (Ministry of Agriculture - in Turkish)
Ukraine Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (in Ukrainian)
List of pesticides registered in Ukraine - 2014 (AgroScience)
United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive databases (HSE)
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