Handling the Complaint

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Complaints under Act no. 9/2010 Coll. on complaints and petitions pursuant to Act no. 85/1990 Coll. on the right of petition, as amended, is handled by ÚKSÚP, the Independent Department of Control and Internal Audit.

Place, time and method of administration

a)in writing by post or in person to the ÚKSÚP filing office at

ÚKSÚP in Bratislava

Separate control and internal audit department

Matuskova 21

833 16 Bratislava

b) in person at the office of the Independent Control and Internal Audit Department

Opening hours: https://www.uksup.sk/podatelna-uradne-hodiny

c) electronically in accordance with Act no. 305/2013 Coll. or e-Government

• by e-mail to uksup@uksup.sk with a guaranteed electronic signature

• through a single access point (electronic mailbox)

Deadline for handling complaints

ÚKSÚP is obliged to handle the complaint within 60 working days.

If the complaint is difficult to deal with, it will extend the time limit by 30 working days, of which it will immediately notify the complainant in writing, stating the reason why an extension of the time limit is necessary.

The deadline for handling the complaint will begin on the first working day following the day of its delivery to the ÚKSÚP.

Filing complaints


(a) the complaint must be in writing and may be submitted in paper or electronic form

(b) the complaint must contain:

• the name, surname and address of the complainant of the natural person or the name, registered office of the legal person and the name and surname of the person authorized to act for it

• the complaint in paper form should contain the complainant's handwritten signature

c) the complaint must be legible and comprehensible and it must be clear from it, against whom it is directed, what shortcomings it points out and what the complainant claims

d) a complaint submitted in electronic form must be authorized by the complainant according to a special law (§ 23 par. 1 of Act No. 305/2013 and e-Government), this does not apply if the complaint was sent through an access point that requires successful authentication of the complainant (§ 19 of Act No. 305/2013 on e-Government, as amended)

When processing other submissions, ÚKSÚP observes the deadlines according to § 49 par. 1 and 2 of Act no. 71/1967 Coll. on administrative proceedings, unless otherwise provided in a special regulation:

• Immediately in simple things

• within 30 days in other cases, unless a special regulation provides otherwise

• no later than 60 days in particularly complex cases

Documents to download:

Documents to download: