Organizational Structure

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The organizational structure of the Institute is divided  intohead-office based in Bratislava  and regional organizational units basedin Zvolen and Košice. The Institute executes testing  and trialactivities  at 14 testing stations. Testing  stations are located atvarious pedoecological sites all over the territory of  Slovakia.Phytocontrol  of imported and exported plant material is provided for at 3border crossing positions.

Professional activities of the Institute  are managed and executed bythe following units, sections and branch offices:

Director of the Institute - Mr. Peter Rusňák, PhD.
Office of the General Director - Mrs. Ľuba Gašparová
Department of Economical Office – Mr. Štefan Korec
Department of Environment and Organic Farming – Mrs. Jana Vargová
Department of Viticulture and Wine-Making - Mrs. Ivana Benkovičová
Department of Variety Testing – Mrs. Zuzana Hudecová
Department of Seeds and Planting Materials - Mrs. Marta Andrejčíková
Department of Pesticides Registration - Mr. Peter Kiklica
Department of Soil and Plant Nutrition – Mrs. Ildikó Maggioni-Brázová
Department of Feeds and Animal Nutrition – Mrs. Stefánia Buschbacher    
Department of Plant Protection – Mr. Peter Vrabček