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The Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture  (ÚKSÚP) is a national budget organization directly managed by the Ministry  of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic. The basic task of the Institute is to execute professional state supervision and testing under the conditions of the agricultural sector, as well as professional state inspection of  quality of inputs into agriculture (agrochemicals, feedstuffs and the like).

The activities of the Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture  (ÚKSÚP) within the framework of plant production and animal production are thematically aimed at soil, varieties of agricultural crops, seeds and planting, plant nutrition, plant protection, internal and external quarantine, feedstuffs, animal nutrition, as well as agricultural

In addition to fulfilment of major tasks of supervisory and testing activities, the organizational units of the Institutes are commissioned to fix and amend legal norms within the respective scope of activity, to develop and verify new methodologies and methodological processes.

The activities  of the Institute also cover massive publication activity, arrangement  of lectures of the Institute´s experts, as well as advisory  service, professional guidance and giving expert´s opinions.

The present general review concerning  the establishment, scope of activities and operation of the Institute proves the fact, that it has an eventful history and with its wide range of professional activities, the Institute is doubtless comparable with the European standard.

The branch  offices of the Institute based in Zvolen and Košice provide for complex execution of supervisory and testing activities within the defined territorial region. They manage the activities of region inspection units and testing stations with the respective region.