ISPOR updates and amendments

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The Pesticides Registration Department of the Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture in Bratislava informs users on the recent update and amendments in the online database list of authorized plant protection products and auxiliary products in plant protection ISPOR.

The most important amendments of the ISPOR system include:

  • the system is pre-set to search only authorized products for professional users. If the user is interested in products with a different status (grace period for sale, use/disposal, authorized products for non-professional users, products permitted for parallel trade, etc.), it is necessary to select the appropriate status in the Status, Profi / Neprofi, Parallel Trade filters. If the user is interested in all product categories, he shall choose the option "unspecified",
  • the system makes it possible to search for products authorized in organic farming as well as low-risk products,
  • the system allows to select
  • a group of active substances (e.g. carbamates, triazines, pyrethroids, etc.),
  • the mode of action (contact, systemic, locally systemic),
  • the system makes it possible to search for crops in combination with harmful organisms,
  • the system of crops and harmful organisms was unified in the system,  
  • crops and pests have been assigned to groups of crops and pests,
  • information on the resistance is also displayed in the list of searched products,
  • the entire ISPOR system is also available in English.