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Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture in Bratislava(hereinafter called „Control Institute“) would like to inform the professional agricultural community and all interested parties about the launch of a web application for plant protection products called „Informačný systém pre prípravky na ochranu rastlín“ (hereinafter called „ISPOR“) – Information System for Plant Protection Products:

Application allows to search for authorized plant protection products, authorized auxiliary substances and plant protection products approved under the Parallel Import in Slovak Republic. It allows to search for ppp that have been subjects of withdrawal of the approval and ppp that have been granted grace period for placing on market and the use of existing stock.

Application works with updated data, it is possible to use this search criteria:

  • Trade name of the ppp

  • Obchodný názov prípravku  

  • Number of authorization

  • Číslo autorizácie  

  • Authorization holder

  • Držiteľ rozhodnutia  

  • Crop or area of use

  • Plodina alebo oblasť použitia  

  • Harmful organism or purpose of use

  • Škodlivý organizmus alebo iný účel použitia  

  • Function

  • Typ funkcie prípravku  

  • Active substance

  • Názov účinnej látky  

  • Purpose of use

  • Určenie použitia  

  • Parallel trade

  • Paralelný import  

  • Application use

  • Spôsob aplikácie  

  • Packaging

  • Veľkosť balenia  

  • Type of ppp

  • Typ prípravku 

  • Chemical class of active substance

  • Skupina účinných látok  

  •   Authorization period

  • Doba autorizácie  

  •   Classification of ppp

  • Klasifikácia prípravku

During the import of the data from non-database systems some errors may occur, this errors can be reported to, or on the phone number 02 59 880 325.

The online available data on plant protection products in this application is a tool for ensuring a high level of protection of human, animal and environmental health and can help to ensure competitiveness in agriculture by publishing current data on existing authorizations