Notice to applicants for an authorisation and to holders of an authorisation under Commission Decision 2004/842/EC of 1 December 2004

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1. Applicants for an authorisation
  for the placing on the market of seed belonging to varieties for which an application for entry in the national catalogue has been submitted are obliged  from 24 th of July to  state in the application also  the following information:

a) in the column „other information“ to state purpose of test and trials  (i.e. what properties and characteristics of the varieties will be tested) 

b) to provide the document of compliance with the technical condition of seed  in accordance with  Art. 5 and Art. 23  of the Commission Decision 2004/842/EC 

2. The holders of the authorisations granted after 1st of June are obliged to send electronically to the following information:

Within two months of sowing:

a) the quantity of seed placed on the market and the member state to which the seed was intended

b) the name of the agricultural enterprices and the location where the tests or  trials are located

Within two months of the trial’s collection:

c) evaluation of the test resuls

The information provided for shall be treated as confidential.